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Super-Charge Your Detox Water in the Morning with Coldbrew Matcha

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 19, 2015 11:27:21 AM / by Stephanie Spano

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 It's not easy being green! Well - that may not be exactly true for matcha.

Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea.  The translation literally means "powdered tea." If you are a tea drinker, you most likely use a tea bag, infuse your hot water for a few minutes, then remove the tea bag from the water.  The contents remain in the tea bag (or the most part) the entire process.

With matcha, you are actually consuming the tea itself; the powdered leaves are put directly into the water for infusion.  Traditionally, matcha is used in the Japanese tea ceremony, not loose green tea.

So - why drink matcha in the first place?

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Time to "shake" it up | Fun Alternative to Detox Water in the Morning

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 17, 2015 11:19:00 AM / by Stephanie Spano

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I enjoy following other healthy lifestyle blogs so I can get an alternative perspective on food, trends, and how others are successfully achieving their goals.

I had a reader ask about smoothies recently, and I found this great post from Peanut Butter Fingers.

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5 Healthy Living Blogs to Watch in Boston

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 16, 2015 4:31:00 PM / by Stephanie Spano

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As the summer draws to a close (yes, it is happening already), it is important to keep the momentum going into the colder months of the fall and winter.  Staying healthy and active despite the harsh seasonal weather can be difficult - so here is a little inspiration for my Boston-based readers!  Whether it is a healthy recipe, new workout routine, or general lifestyle advice, here are some great blogs and sites to follow in addition to Pump Up Your Detox Water Blog:
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Asparagus Water-gate | Whole Foods Attempt at Detox Water Infusions

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 14, 2015 9:06:00 AM / by Stephanie Spano

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By now, if you have not heard about the hoop-la surrounding Whole Foods "Asparagus Water," you probably would not care much to read this blog anyway.  But if your interest has peaked and you are unfamiliar with what I like to call, "Asparagus Water-gate," here are a few details.

In the first week of August 2015, bottles of Asparagus Water appeared on Whole Foods shelves at $6 a pop.  Inside each bottle was, you guessed it, water and 3 stalks of asparagus.  Naturally, outraged ensued on social media, prompting Whole Foods spokeswoman Liz Burkhart to release this response:

"We actually don't sell asparagus water in our stores." (per USA Today)

Regardless of how you feel about Whole Foods, their pricing etc, they may have been on to something with that seemingly overpriced bottle of asparagus and water. Yup, you guessed it!  This was their attempt at tapping into the detox water infusions and their health benefits on your body, mind and overall emotional well-being.


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7 Signs You Should Invest In a Detox Infusion in the Morning

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 12, 2015 4:51:00 PM / by Stephanie Spano

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7 signs that scream, "detox infusion in the morning is needed"!

The hardest thing to do is turn our analysis inward and understand when our body needs something from us.  Maybe you are feeling a bit off, but cannot pinpoint the exact reason or symptom?  If your symptoms warrant a Doctors visit, it is absolutely essential that you consult a professional.  But what about in cases where it might be as simple as "resetting" an organ or system through a cleanse?

Below are 7 signs that might help you tell when a detox cleanse is needed.  You can follow up by exploring how to create detox water in the morning (just click on the link).

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The Toxins Inside Your Body and Their Effect on Your Skin

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 11, 2015 8:26:00 PM / by Stephanie Spano

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Acne. Blemishes. Spots. Break-outs.  We all call them by different names, but they all cause us the same anxiety and irritation.  Acne is not just a teenage problem. Depending on the hormones and toxins present in your body, even adults experience these annoying little bumps from time to time.

Did you know that the other organs in your body can be speaking to your epidermis?  Let's take a look how the toxins inside your body and their effect on your skin. 

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Are Water and Mindfulness a Winning Combination?

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 10, 2015 9:07:00 PM / by Stephanie Spano

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It is not uncommon for people to start their day with meditation.  Meditation is a state of peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent.  Of course, to those of us who have some experience with meditation, my definition goes something like this: wrestling with my thoughts on everything that has happened in the past week for 20 minutes as I try to get my brain to quiet down.  And that is not entirely incorrect definition, either!  The goal of mediation is to be at peace with those thoughts as they come and go, and observe them without dwelling or passing judgement.

If you are a morning meditator, where does detox water fit into the picture?

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Energy Herbs for Cleansing and How to Pump Up Your Water!

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 9, 2015 9:58:00 PM / by Stephanie Spano

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Let's say that you like the idea of detox water in the morning.  Great concept, you can get behind hydrating from the get-go, and see the benefits in boosting your metabolism and energy levels.  But the idea of all that fruit just makes your head spin! Or, perhaps, the old strawberry-and-blueberry combo is old news?

Not to fear, herbs are here!

Energy herbs for cleansing are a great way to get vital minerals and vitamins into your body, as well as combat ailments and aches like migraines and muscle cramps/fatigue.  In some cases, herbs can also be used to influence your mood!

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Detox Infusions in the Morning to Cleanse Specific Organs In Your Body

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 9, 2015 3:31:00 PM / by Stephanie Spano

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At this point, you might be bought into this whole concept of detox infusions in the morning.  You may be thinking, "This sounds great; I understand how I can do this every morning, and it seems easy!  But what if I want to target specific areas of my body to cleanse?"

Glad you asked.

Just like your daily or weekly workout routine, many of us like to target a specific area of our body to maximize strength or weight loss.  You can make detox water for cleansing specific organs or systems in your body!  Below are a few infusions you can use to get started.  It is best to go with the organic option when you are shopping at the grocery store, if you are able to do so.

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How to Make Detox Water for Cleansing

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 6, 2015 8:24:00 PM / by Stephanie Spano

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Everyone knows that in the late summer months, it is important to keep yourself hydrated during the day.  The standard is usually 8 cups of water for sufficient hydration.  What many people do not realize is that your body becomes dehydrated at night as well!  That tired feeling that you just can't shake while you are taking a shower, and you feel like a nice cup of coffee is the remedy?  It may actually be WATER.  Drinking a full glass of water first thing in the morning is key to giving your body the best start possible for the day and aligns your body with nature's rhythms.  

Detox water in the morning is the key to taking this routine to the next level and optimizing metabolism and body function.

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