Hi there!

From one health enthusiast to the other, I am so glad you came to visit my site!  This all started when I woke up one morning to exruciating stomach pain. As a businesswoman in her late 20s, I think nothing of walking up to the counter at my local coffee shop and having them pour me a large iced coffee (even in the dead of winter; yes, I know, I'm THAT person).  Coffee was the first thing to go into my stomach every morning, and I would have the entire thing finished by the time I got to the office (my subway ride is 20 minutes, by the way).

Little did I know, I was contributing to several health factors in my body that were deminishing my energy, damaging my organs, and dehydrating my system.  This is not to say you should give up your morning up! I would never dare to suggest thet (especially not in Beantown).  It is vital, however, to make sure that you start your morning with water.  Organic fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices add a cleansing layer to this morning routine and keep it fun!  

I myself have experienced the results detox water for cleansing can give you, and that is why I detox organic in the morning.  

My energy levels are up, my stomach and digestive systems have increased function and health, and my skin looks great!  This routine also keeps you full and can aid in weight loss.  Give it a try!  Whether you download my free eBook and do the recipies yourself, or you sign up for the waiting list for the Pure Box, I cannot stress enough how much your body will thank you.




I am a 20-something living with my boyfriend in beautiful Jamaica Plain, a burrough of Boston, MA.  Runner, yogi, soccer enthusiast, and inbound marketing specialist by trade.