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Why Detox Water in the Morning?

Studies have shown that starting your morning with a full glass of water can boost your metabolism and overall energy level.  We are naturally dehydrated when we wake up due to the hours we are asleep each night.  Detox infusions in the morning are a way to combat grogginess and wake up your brain!
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Infuse and Optimize Your Water!

Some of us see "forcing" down a full glass of water on an empty stomach to be a daunting task in the wee hours of the morning.  Why not keep things interesting?  You can super-charge your water by infusing it overnight with fruits, vegetables, and herbs which can cleanse and energize your body.  

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Different Infusions Cleanse Different Organs

Did you know that infusing your water each morning with differnt organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs can cleanse and optimize the funtion of differnt organs in your body? You can choose a recipie for overall body health or get targeted with your cleanse to one specific area.

We partner with local farms to bring you the Pure Box! Based on your preferences for an infusion cleanse, you will receive locally grown organic furits, vegetables, and herbs, along with two mason jars, an infuser, and the receipies you need to start your cleanse.

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Treat yo' self: The PureBox

Infusions should be simple and easy to prepare.  If you are diligent with your practice, you will see results! Each infusion cleanse should be preformed with organic fruits, vegatables, and herbs to help minimize exposure to toxins and chemicals.  Remember: we are trying to cleanse and heal ourselves from the inside, not add to what is already there!

The PureBox is a kit to make this morning routine fun and easy! Each box is specified to the cleanse you would like try, and will include locally sourced, organic foods, mason jars, a how-to guide with tips, recipes, and infromation, as well as other customized additons.

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